Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde

Back in Norway after visiting the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde, Denmark, where I got interviewed by Italian TV about the adventurous Vikings and their discovery of America!
The Viking special will air on Italia 1 (RAI Uno) in September. Will update those of you living in Italy when the time comes.

While at the museum I saw the incredible remains of the four Viking ships found in the fjord right outside Roskilde, and the biggest reconstructed Viking ship in the world! What an unbelievable sight! I can’t tell you how breath taken I was when I saw these amazing discoveries. It’s simply amazing to be allowed to look back in history like this.

Before I left Roskilde I also held hawks and owls, learned how to sail with a square sail, and Denmark’s best smith taught me how to forge Viking axes and arrowheads. All these things I did for the first time.

The day that I left Roskilde, historian and British television presenter Dan Snow came with BBC to make a documentary about the Vikings. I sat on a log in the ship yard and watched Martin the shipbuilder teach Dan how to make a Viking ship. That doesn’t happen every day!
Now that I’ve come home I can only think of what an inspiring trip I’ve had. I really recommend seeing this great museum and getting to know the incredible guides and craftsmen there. It’s amazing what can happen when traveling!


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