I just had to ask my beautiful friend Nina Wedvich when Elle Men asked me if I knew any stunning girls in Norway. We are so looking forward to the shoot!

Last week I went to Copenhagen Fashion Week to meet and party with my friend Christina Van Zon and the lovely people at Barbara I Gongini. I came across this amazing picture of me at their Trade Fair so I just had to ask Christina to take a picture of it! The campaign is coming out in September..

Back in Norway after visiting the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde, Denmark, where I got interviewed by Italian TV about the adventurous Vikings and their discovery of America!
The Viking special will air on Italia 1 (RAI Uno) in September. Will update those of you living in Italy when the time comes.

While at the museum I saw the incredible remains of the four Viking ships found in the fjord right outside Roskilde, and the biggest reconstructed Viking ship in the world! What an unbelievable sight! I can’t tell you how breath taken I was when I saw these amazing discoveries. It’s simply amazing to be allowed to look back in history like this.

Before I left Roskilde I also held hawks and owls, learned how to sail with a square sail, and Denmark’s best smith taught me how to forge Viking axes and arrowheads. All these things I did for the first time.

The day that I left Roskilde, historian and British television presenter Dan Snow came with BBC to make a documentary about the Vikings. I sat on a log in the ship yard and watched Martin the shipbuilder teach Dan how to make a Viking ship. That doesn’t happen every day!
Now that I’ve come home I can only think of what an inspiring trip I’ve had. I really recommend seeing this great museum and getting to know the incredible guides and craftsmen there. It’s amazing what can happen when traveling!


The Journey

This summer I have been in Bergen, on the west coast of Norway, to record my new concept album; “The Journey”. Click here to listen to a preview:

Thinking of having lost all the Viking music we once had, makes me want to create new music we can listen to and dream ourselves away, to the old world that once was. I want my music to give others what it gives me. A sense of belonging, and a sense of finding oneself, finding ones roots.
I am the collector of a lost culture, the guardian of ruins, and the speaker of a dead language.

The last weeks I’ve been in Norway to record the short film “Blood Brothers”. It feels great to be able to use what I’ve learned during my years as a model. It’s hard to act and I still have a lot to learn, but that’s exactly what I love about it..

Just arrived back home in beautiful Bergen after a casting in Stockholm for one of the leading roles in Vikings..

Just became the reality TV star of the year in Norway!!!
I still find it hard to believe that I won a Golden Screen! Thank you so much for all the congratulations I have received from all of you who thought I deserved to win. I wish each and every one of you a beautiful summer!